Ritson’s 10 marketing hacks to help small businesses go big

From a new recipe for pic n’ mix comms, to making extreme choices, Mark Ritson shares his marketing twists that can help SMEs get big brand outcomes.

There’s an assumption within business that organisation size correlates strongly with marketing competence, an unfair conclusion according to Mark Ritson.

The Marketing Week columnist and Mini MBA founder believes that while blue chip corporates like Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola are great at marketing, the assumption that marketers in smaller business are somehow deficient is incorrect.

Speaking at the Festival of Marketing: The Year Ahead, Ritson tackled the stereotype of marketers in SMEs.

“There’s the David Brent type figure that does marketing in a small company with 10 employees. We assume he or she doesn’t really get marketing, probably works in sales, is a bit cheesy, underqualified, not very good. As companies get bigger, we assume marketing gets better,” he noted.

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