Authenticity starts with missing the annual booze-up at Cannes

Perhaps you noticed the distinct absence of young, bearded men in your vicinity last week. Maybe you spotted a dramatic reduction in late lunches in the best restaurants. Or it could have been the surprising speed with which your Uber arrived to pick you up.

One way or another, you probably realised that marketers, advertisers and other media folk were very thin on the ground last week. That’s because it was the annual jamboree known as Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, or more simply just Cannes. Anyone who is anyone, and quite a lot more who are nobody, from the world of media and marketing was in the south of France last week for seven days of awards, presentations and networking.

Actually, that last sentence makes Cannes sound quite formal..

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Unilever en United Nations Women slaan handen ineen tegen stereotype reclame

Ook grote marktpartijen als WPP, Facebook en Mars, doen mee met ‘Unstereotype Alliance’.

‘Unstereotype Alliance’, zo is het initiatief gedoopt dat genomen is door Unilever en United Nations Women (dat vecht voor seksegelijkheid). De twee wisten ook de leidende marktpartijen WPP, IPG, Facebook, Google, Mars, Microsoft en Johnson & Johnson zo ver te krijgen om aan te haken bij de alliantie. Dat werd dinsdag bekend gemaakt in Cannes. Daarnaast doen ook ANA, AT&T, Alibaba, Cannes Lions, Diageo, Mattel, P&G, Publicis, Twitter, The Female Quotient en …

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Marketers returning to commission-based pay models for agencies

Marketers are increasingly moving away from paying their agencies based on fees and incentives and instead adopting compensation models in a bid to ‘simplify’ pay models, according to a ANA report.

Marketers are moving away from using fee and incentive-based agency models in favour of compensation models as they look to “simplify” the relationship with their agencies and ensure they are getting the best value for money, according to a new report.

The research, by the US advertising association the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), says brands are becoming more aware of their agency compensation packages. It found that the involvement of senior management in agency negotiations has more than doubled from 33% three years ago to 77% in the most recent survey, undertaken in December 2016 and January 2017.

The report suggests…

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‘Marketers must empower their agencies to fail’

My cell biology degree course taught me three things: a lifetime’s worth of Simpsons quotes (do NOT get me started), ‘herbal’ cigarettes are not a career choice and advances in science come from disproved hypotheses.

And although I’m not denying the transformative power of ideas, perhaps that grounding in learning-through-failure is why eulogising ‘Creativity’ as the root of all progress leaves me cold.

In contrast, I’ve always warmed to the notion of ‘failing fast’ – or rather, as Zone CEO Jon Davie said at a recent BIMA event, “learn fast”.

Unfortunately, if creativity is always the answer, that doesn’t leave much space for failure.

A wrong idea isn’t always a bad one

With their incurable optimism and a prime directive to be creative, embracing failure just isn’t in most agencies’ DNA.

By way of example, long before programmatic, I worked at Omnicom’s Creative Technology network

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Creative campaigns achieve recognition

Some 15 campaigns from last year have been recognised for their creativity and effectiveness in the latest industry study from the Gunn Report.

But its Cases for Creativity 2016 report also noted that just six of the total were campaigns on behalf of commercial brands – the others being not-for-profit or corporate social responsibility – and that some showed signs of feeling too similar.

The 15 campaigns showcased by the Gunn Report represented those which achieved the highest accolade in advertising by winning a Cannes Gold Lion for creativity as well as a Gold Effie award for effectiveness.

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